Moving House Needn’t Be Stressful

Don’t be Stressed ! We’ve been doing this for nearly 100 years !

You’ll find that moving house shouldn’t be stressful, it can be the first step in a new adventure.

For your peace of mind we approach every removal in the same way so you can rest assured. This is what we do for you:

1.Your belongings will be surveyed.

We always conduct a survey of your belongings so you can be sure there are no surprises on the day. We will also advise you on anything relating to special handling or packing needs.

2. You get a quotation – not an estimate.

It is always very clear what will be done and how. There will be no hidden costs. It is up to you whether you pack items or use our experts.

3. You can rely on us as “On the day we do what we say”.

People sometimes move items that are not quite in perfect condition. If this applies to you we will point out damaged items BEFORE we move them.

4. Your items will be containerised in our warehouse.

This is for your protection, we do this for long haul removals and for storage. We always take digital photographs before we close the containers.

5. We are responsible and take sole care of your goods.

Our service is door(s) to door(s) and can include multiple pick-ups and deliveries. We never hand your goods over to third parties as this complicates insurance arrangements. If you deal with George Lambert & Son you only deal with George Lambert & Son.

6. Your furniture and goods will be delivered where and when we have agreed.

You won’t be left standing in the cold waiting endlessly for a vehicle to turn up. Your can be sure with George Lambert & Son that your goods or vehicle will arrive at the agreed time.


The second step of your new adventure starts here when you have your belongings in your new place.